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Canada Artist, oil painter Jeff Lyons

Calgary, Canada artist, oil painter Jeff Lyons.

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Jeff Lyons is a self-taught artist, painter currently residing in Calgary, Canada. He has been producing and exhibiting his artwork since the 1990's. If you live in his hometown, you may have seen his strange abstracts or cute female portrait paintings hanging in some coffee shop, lounge or art gallery. Jeff began his creative pursuits when he was a child, drawing comic strips and comic books. Later, in his 20's, Jeff became inspired by fine art and began oil and acrylic painting.

strange surrealism abstract art oil painting
By 1996, Jeff had found his distinctive artistic voice, drawing inspiration from the realms of pop surrealism, outsider art, cartoons, and abstraction. As an artist who grapples with depression, Jeff found solace and therapy in the creation of his unique works. His art became a means to delve into the depths of his inner psyche and embrace the more enigmatic and irrational facets of his personality. The resulting imagery intentionally embodies ambiguity, nonsensicality, and escapism, inviting viewers into a world of pure fantasy designed to ignite the imagination or bewilder the senses.

Jeff Lyons and his female portrait
After several years of painting surreal abstracts, Jeff's creative currents shifted toward more extroverted, charming, and alluring imagery with broader "pop" appeal. In 2001, he was captivated by the timeless muse of women and embarked on a journey of oil painting illustrative female portraits, famously known as the 'girlfriends' series. These captivating women, despite being fictional, serve as representations of individual female beauty, persona, and attitude.

custom portrait oil painting
The 'girlfriends' series portraits ignited a fervor of public interest and led to a growing demand for commissioned custom portrait paintings. Jeff enthusiastically accepted the challenge, extending his artistic prowess to capture the essence of individuals, couples, children, and even pets. This endeavor kept him passionately engaged in his art, allowing him to pursue his creative passion full-time. Jeff is currently accepting commissions!

artist Jeff Lyons
Today, Jeff Lyons is still painting, though not as often as in the past (that could change). He is also producing digital artworks, many of which are shown on this website right now. They are usually sold as art prints. Jeff also composes music for fun. Some of his songs are HERE on this website.

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